Heritage open days Leiden


In the weekend of 9 and 10 September 2017, 33 Leiden monuments open their doors to the public. This is a unique opportunity to visit old buildings rich with history, ancient homes and university buildings. In many monuments there are small exhibitions and performances by Leiden choirs. This year’s theme is Farmers, Citizens and Countrymen; the monuments you can visit have traditionally been places where people of all ranks and positions meet, both inside and outside the city. Especially for our non-native Dutch speaking fellow-citizens or vistors, we have compiled a folder with an overview of all the monuments that are open, tips for your visit and a map of the city indicating where the monuments are located. Enjoy monumental Leiden!


The organisation has translated some basic information for our foreign guests, such as general Tips and info, overview of open monuments and their opening days as well as where to find them. Also we have translated an interesting walking tour throughout the city centre. Please note that Saturday is the open market which may hinder some of you. 

Information desk /
In the main hall on Breestraat 92 we have opened an Information Desk for the full weekend. At the desk we have guides in Dutch and English folders. It is a place where you can register for (Dutch speaking) guided tours as well as a place where you can get free cycle maps with a tour through Leiden and its neighbouring villages.