Heritage open days Leiden


In the weekend of 8 and 9 September around 30 monument open their doors to the general public. This years' theme is In Europe in line with the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The emphasis will be on what unites us rather than what divides us with an eye for international architectural schools, comparative AND different (construction)techniques, mutual inspiration in applied arts and exchange of knowledge and science. But also attention for the historical context in which monuments are built and used.

Together with some fifty other countries The Netherlands is part of Europe, ARE we Europe. For centuries people of Europe have fought , expelled or subjected eachother. But at the same time we sought eachother for making treaties, to trade and to exchange knowledge. Just because each people, each country, each culture has something different te offer.

In 2018 Europe still has many cultures, countries and people that distinguish and divide. But since World War II there is an increasing realisation that there is more that binds us. With the European Union, peace, prosperity and solidarity is basis that has developed into a form of our joint European heritage. Whether it is about archeological finds, movable and immovable monuments, cultural landscapes, trade routes, migration, international treaties, transportation or on immaterial heritage: there is always a European dimension to be found.

Source: www.openmonumentendag.nl


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