Heritage open days Leiden

Press release New Chair

Alexander Geertsema is a very active Leiden citizen, who even was an alderman for a good number of years. He has been an active volunteer  of Heritage Days for some years. With his usual enthousiasm he accepted his appointment as chair for the foundation.

Beisdes Koen Brakenhoff two other board members have resigned from the board namely Charlotte Staats and Guillermo Holman. Collectively they contributed greatly to the success of the Heritage Days in Leiden. Daan Isendoorn and Eline op ten Noort-Vrieling succeeded them as Secretary/Sponsorship and Ancillary activities respectively.

Heritage Days foundation
The Open Monumentendagen foundation organises the event in the second weekend in September for Leiden. Each year the event attracts approximately 15,000 visitors. The board is supported by over 200 volunteers. This year Heritage Days will be held on 10th and 11th September. The theme for 2016 is Icons & Symbols. 




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